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Specialties include Corporate Video, Commercials, Video Marketing, Animation, Screenwriting, and post production

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  • Sundance Film Festival Workshop at the Ruba Club, Philadelphia, PA.

    Sundance Film Festival Workshop

    This past Saturday, I attended a workshop held by the Sundance Institute. It was at the Ruba Club, in Philadelphia, PA.  The workshop featured an all day panel, including several Sundance Festival winners. The panelists of filmmakers included: 1.  Jon Foy, director of Resurrect Dead. Jon discussed funding and how […]

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  • What can Franz Kafka and movies teach us about advertising?Do you need a beetle?You can use a screenwriting trick to INSTANTLY come up with pitches for ads…in addition to film plots.

    Creative Pitches for Corporate Video Production. Convince the Nonbelievers

    Instant Corporate Video Pitches to Convince the Nonbelievers, with a Twist. What can Franz Kafka and movies teach us about advertising?   Do you need a beetle? You can use a screenwriting trick to INSTANTLY come up with pitches for ads…in addition to film plots. I like coming up with […]

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  • Philadelphia MCAI networking meeting at Videosmith.

    Networking for Video Production

    We’ve all been a little pessimistic about networking. You exchange business cards, which are mostly outdated. Each person introduces themselves with a verbal resume and cover letter, disguised as a conversation. You never meet that person ever again. You’ll send out thirty follow up emails. Only 3 people return those […]

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  • 1099 Episode 3 "Third Lump" animation.

    1099 Animation Episode 3: “Third Lump”

    “We have 17,000 instagram followers, give us a free video. It’ll be great exposure for your video company.” “Third Lump” is episode 3 of my animated series, 1099. Animation is created with Anime Studio Pro and some help with Adobe After Effects. For the videographers, filmmakers, artists in general…did you […]

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  • 1099 Episode 2 "Craigslist Casper"

    1099 Animation Episode 2: “Craigslist Casper”

    Craigslist Crew Gigs: Video Marketing needed for business clients, must have HD cameras, steadicam, audio. 12 shoots plus editing with the OPPORTUNITY for MORE. Will be GREAT EXPOSURE. Don’t you hate those ads. As any video producer, or career artist, would know, the phrase “it’ll be great exposure” gets old…real […]

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  • Screen shot from animation - 1099 Episode 1 "Crappy Cards"

    Self Producing an Animated Web Series

    You’ve decided to make your own animated web series. Viewers are already asking, “When’s the next video?” Animating a web series can be hard work. For starters, remaining relevant is a gigantic challenge. You can easily spend months in between episodes, easily killing momentum and people will forget about you. […]

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