Sundance Film Festival Workshop

This past Saturday, I attended a workshop held by the Sundance Institute. It was at the Ruba Club, in Philadelphia, PA.  The workshop featured an all day panel, including several Sundance Festival winners.

The panelists of filmmakers included:

1.  Jon Foy, director of Resurrect Dead. Jon discussed funding and how films are often seen as a free commodity. However, campaigns on KickStarter can help build a fanbase BEFORE the film is released. Therefore, KickStarter can be a better source of funding. It’s contingent on the film being made (or not) in the first place. You can buy Resurrect Dead here on YouTube.

2. David Felix Sutcliffe, director of (T)Error. (T)Error is a documentary about an FBI informant on the tail of a possible terrorist suspect. David talked about the difficulties in funding and dealing with sales agents after Sundance.

3. Charles Poekel, director of Christmas Again. Charles did the daring task of shooting a feature on Super 16mm. Surprisingly, he stated it was more economical that way. You can buy Christmas Again on Vimeo.

4. Roger Ross Williams, director of God Loves Uganda. about the execution of gay people by Uganda. Roger discusses the aftermath of his film, which caused quite a stir in Uganda.

A few other speakers came on to discuss delivery methods, distribution, and insurance. Holden Payne, of Sundance, discussed the importance of getting a film professionally color corrected for projection as well as the costs of DCPs (Digital Cinema Packages), a film festival delivery codec. DCP creation can cost several thousand dollars and color correction of a feature film can cost as much as $8,000-10,000. I’ll do it for $7,800 😛 Jordana Meade, from Starz Network, and Peter Gerard, from Vimeo, talked about the online video distribution process, and how “straight-to-video” is no longer a stigma.

Overall a great day and a great workshop. Visit Artist Services for more information on future workshops.

Thanks again for reading

Gary Hanna
Psynema: Philadelphia Video Production – Corporate, Commercial, Animation, and Screenwriting

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