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  • Cenk Uygur of The Young Turks protest at the Federal Reserve

    The Young Turks: Goldman Sachs: Give It BACK!

    June 9th the The Young Turks held a protest in Washington DC in front of the Federal Reserve to protest Goldman Sachs taking 13 Billion dollars unnecessarily from bailout funds. I went down there and filmed the protest. I was lucky enough to get an interview with host Cenk Uygur, […]

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  • Philly N Crowd

    Philly N Crowd

    Documentary on the Philly N Crowd, a local improv comedy troupe that performs every Friday at 8pm at The Actor’s Center, 257 N. 3rd St. The N Crowd is about to celebrate their 10 year anniversary soon at World Cafe Live in Philadelphia. It’s amazing how time flies. I first […]

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  • 48 Hour Film Project Winner 2008:  Dirty Dishes

    48 Hour Film Project Winner 2008: Dirty Dishes

    Dirty Dishes was made for the 48 Hour Film Project, which is a annual film contest where you have to make a film from scratch in just 48 Hours. All teams were assigned a prop (a wrench), a character (Ira the Dishwasher), and a line of dialogue (“You better double […]

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  • Roselane Thumbnail

    Commercial for Roselane Music

    Roselane Studios is a music studio and storefront in Wildwood, NJ. This is a local commercial spot I made for them.   Thanks again for reading, Gary Hanna Psynema, Philadelphia Video Production  

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