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Review of Motion Slider 24, a cost effective and very portable camera slider. The company decided to use my review for their site! See it at the bottom right hand side of their page.
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Gary Hanna
Psynema, Philadelphia Video Production  


  1. New VLOG Review – Episode 2: Motion Slider 24

  2. Awesome, very in-depth and lots of footage examples of the concepts you’re discussing. Most reviews wouldn’t explain the pros and cons so clearly. This is the kind of thing I would show my boss (who maybe isn’t that production savvy) to illustrate why our dept should purchase one. Keep up this series!

  3. Sweet! This is a great product!

  4. ah you have it? Just traded the 24 in on ebay to get the Micro Motion Slider next. The guy told me there’s a ball bearing one coming very soon

  5. No I was going to ask you if you recommended this because I do want one for productions.

  6. It’s like an alternitive to dolly shots when you don’t have the room or the budget to work from.

  7. YEP! I just want an even smaller one since I move around a lot for docs/events etc, but they’re all good and very solid so long as there’s a good tripod. My video review is on there site and embedded further down this page for video samples.

  8. Yeah, that’s what I watched. Very well done by the way. I would use it for the same thing, maybe pull it out for a wedding, maybe…LOL! But it really sell the production value of a shoot.

  9. Thanks, yep, they go up to 48 inches. Want to try their crane eventually. Making a continuous series with those vids, hope to have FCP and other tutorials in addition to reviews.

  10. That’s awesome. Speaking of FCP what are your thoughts on FCPX?

  11. Skipping it until they fix it – I can’t even tell if it has extended markers (no one knows what they are (hit tilda, play, then alt-tilda). Makes editing very fast. FCP was the only NLE to have that, not sure if it’s in FPCX and premier doesn’t have it so I’m sticking w/ FCP7.

  12. Yeah. I am among the unfortunate first day buyers who jumped it like a lion on prey, only to find it was actually iMove pro. I only use it to build trailers for wedding clients right now.

  13. Ah nice you do weddings as well. I was suspicious the moment they said “automatic color correction”…

  14. Haha! Yeah besides the analyzing on import which I support, the color corrector is garbage. They took all the range out and limit your control. Plus one of my biggest issues is I can’t copy the attributes and effects from one clip to the other or globally. I have to apply effect one clip at a time to match. No fun there. So yeah, using FCP7 for major project till they get their act together.

  15. Geez, that’s awful – thought they wanted to make things easier on consumers at least with the auto everything, don’t see why you can’t past attributes. The no reconnecting media is AWFUL. Some people like having back up hard drives and may need them. Or for remote projects back and forth…

  16. Yeah apple just really made me more cautious about jumping on new software from them. I don’t like the fact that I don’t have sequence timeline either. In FCPX you have to make a new project timeline. They really took the concept of what FCP was all about, stuffed it into a clown car called iMovie, drove it into a lake, fished it out and there you have it!

  17. Huh? So it’s like vegas, only one time line per project? Seems like it’s all about young college/twenty somethings hoping to be the next Charles Trippy, Phil DeFranco etc the more I read about it…think that’s exactly what they had in mind. Add those spiffy included transitions to be like that E3 dufus with the spikey hair…Youtube Partner Wannabe Studio Pro…

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