Houdini Game Rigging Tutorial

About 2 hours of tutorial aimed at beginners for rigging a game character in Houdini into Unreal Engine and other software…WITHOUT the common head aches a lot of people have faced in the past.

Covers such issues as:

1. Characters importing with missing limbs, distorted limbs and animations
2. Characters importing into Unreal with hundreds of bones
3. Getting around the -1 Capture Scale (mirror tool) issue that causes import problems in certain software packages.
4. Getting animations to retarget properly in Unreal Engine
5. Adding IK controls and animations to a basic rig. This tutorial only briefly covers IK, but more so concentrates on how to get an IK Rig’s animations onto a BASIC and EXPORT friendly version of said rig.

Grab your character model and be able to rig it from scratch and send it to Unreal in 5-10 minutes after mastering this tutorial.

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