Hairdini – Houdini Procedural Hair Cards Now Available



The Hairdini Package is a pair of Houdini HDAs that allow you to input a Houdini Hair Curves object and automatically makes hair cards that are auto UV’ed.  It also includes a Substance Designer Procedural Hair material as well.

This new and “On Roids” follow up to last year’s hair card asset is a TWO HDA system.  You have a main Hairdini HDA that makes the hair cards.  And you have the Hairdini Helper HDA that helps set up multiple Hairdini wigs and auto UVs them, auto light maps them, and even adds Pivot Painter support.  It also includes a Hairdini Substance Designer Material that is custom built to work in tandem with the Houdini HDAs.

NO BAKING is necessary.  This asset does not require baking from a high poly hair mesh, unlike my previous Hair Card Asset.  This can save you HOURS of time.  You NO LONGER need to wait a long time for Houdini to export the high poly hair mesh, nor do you need to wait a long time for Substance Designer to bake the high poly mesh.

STYLE YOUR HAIR CARDS WITH CURLS.  Because there’s no high poly mesh to bake from, we have MORE FREEDOM to shape hair cards.  You can curve the hair cards along the length of the card to simulate it going around a scalp via a “Center Spline” parameter as well as Snapping and Peaking features to help anchor and snap portions of your hair closer to the scalp mesh or fluff them out more.

COMB MAP information is encoded into the uv4 and uv5 vertex attributes for advanced shader building options in game engines.

PIVOT PAINTER points are added for animation in Unreal Engine.

AUTO UVs are tiled with X and Y uv values normalized to 0-1 space.  This allows you to feather the edges of each card via an opacity mask using the Hairdini Substance Designer Material.  It also gives more resolution per hair card as opposed to having a few hundred tiny cards on one texture, such as the previous hair card asset.  A single tile light map is packed into uv6 to account for the overlapping UDIMs using the Hairdini Helper HDA.

A BUILT IN HAIR CLUMP NODE is present for convenience and fool proofing.  The older hair card asset needed a Hair Clump node in the hair curves in order to generate the clumpid attribute, which is necessary for the hair card tool to work.  New users to Houdini often overlooked this with the old asset, so now it’s more “out of the box”.  It also removes the need to go back and forth from the hair card asset graph to your hair styling graph to adjust the Hair Clump parameters.

CARD SHAPING ABILITIES are now present, thanks to the built in Hair Clump node.  Add slight CURLS and TAPERING to your cards.

A PREVIEW MODE is now added to view a single hair card for faster iteration.  This is great for making clump profiles and tapering under the Internal Clump tab.

TEXTURE ATLAS support is included.  You can make a thin vs. fat hair card texture atlas to control distortion and get those UVs in check.  This works in conjunction with the included Hairdini Substance Material.

AN INCLUDED HAIR SUBSTANCE is BUNDLED with the Hairdini HDA.  It has a number of features including a Comb Map, Roots, Tips, and Scatter Masks, Edge Masking to feather the edges of each hair card procedurally, frizz control, on top of working with the Hairdini HDA to create a texture atlas.

Overall the whole package includes:

1.  The Hairdini HDA – this creates hair cards from a Houdini Hair system
2.  The Hairdini Helper HDA – this helps create a light map, UVing a texture atlas, and adding Pivot Painter information to your hair cards.
3.  The Hairdini Substance Material  – this goes on your final Hairdini Hair Card wig to make it hairy.

Read the documentation about Hairdini HDA’s for Houdini HERE.

Read the documentation about the Hairdini Substance Material HERE.

Read the Hairdini Shader Unreal Engine Setup Guide, to use Pivot Painter and Comb Maps, HERE.

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