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  • Screen shot from animation - 1099 Episode 1 "Crappy Cards"

    Self Producing an Animated Web Series

    You’ve decided to make your own animated web series. Viewers are already asking, “When’s the next video?” Animating a web series can be hard work. For starters, remaining relevant is a gigantic challenge. You can easily spend months in between episodes, easily killing momentum and people will forget about you. […]

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  • Screenplay Coverage 1099 Review and my pilot script “1099”

    It was in early 2013 I discovered Not only did they claim a 3-4 day turnaround, but it was not even $100. It was BY FAR the cheapest and more importantly QUICKEST turnaround I found online.

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  • Motion Slider 24 by – Review

    Motion Slider 24 by – Review

    Review of Motion Slider 24, a cost effective and very portable camera slider. The company decided to use my review for their site! See it at the bottom right hand side of their page.   Thanks again for reading, Gary Hanna Psynema, Philadelphia Video Production  

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  • Tamron 4-12mm features screw locks for the aperture, iris, and focus.  This is mildly annoying as the screws can become loose and is one drawback of the lens, but not a deal breaker in my eyes.

    Tamron 4-12mm F1.2 – VLOG Review

    Here’s a review I did of Tamron 4-12mm 1.2 CCTV C Mount lens on GH2 using the ETC mode. To my surprise, the video became an overnight hit with the Panasonic DSLR community and got almost 20,000 views in the first day on Youtube. I then got an email from […]

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  • FLEFF or Finger Lakes Environmental Film Festival winner Gary Hanna talks about his winning film / Animation, Amoeba.

    FLEFF Make Open Space Animation Film

    FLEFF, the Finger Lakes Environmental Film Festival, recently held a series of contests around the theme “Open Space”. FLEFF promotes environmental causes and provided stock video and images for contestants to make a film about about open space, with an emphasis on the environment. Filmmakers were open to shoot extra […]

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