• Philadelphia MCAI networking meeting at Videosmith.

    Networking for Video Production

    We’ve all been a little pessimistic about networking. You exchange business cards, which are mostly outdated. Each person introduces themselves with a verbal resume and cover letter, disguised as a conversation. You never meet that person ever again. You’ll send out thirty follow up emails. Only 3 people return those […]

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  • Screen shot from animation - 1099 Episode 1 "Crappy Cards"

    Self Producing an Animated Web Series

    You’ve decided to make your own animated web series. Viewers are already asking, “When’s the next video?” Animating a web series can be hard work. For starters, remaining relevant is a gigantic challenge. You can easily spend months in between episodes, easily killing momentum and people will forget about you. […]

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  • Screenplay Coverage 1099 Review and my pilot script “1099”

    It was in early 2013 I discovered Not only did they claim a 3-4 day turnaround, but it was not even $100. It was BY FAR the cheapest and more importantly QUICKEST turnaround I found online.

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