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  • Philadelphia Eagles Parade Superbowl LII 52

    FLII – Philadelphia Eagles Super Bowl LII Parade

    A quick highlight video of the Philadelphia Eagles Super Bowl LII Victory Parade this past Thursday, February 8th, 2018. Thanks again for reading Gary Hanna Psynema: Philadelphia Video Production – Corporate, Commercial, Animation, and Screenwriting

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  • GH5 Marmoset Viewer 3D Model

    Panasonic Lumix GH5 Sneak Peak

    Panasonic GH5 3D model, awarded Staff Pick by Sketchfab. Also a great test drive for Marmoset Toolbag‘s recent animation export feature, allowing for quick 3D Animation…scary how it no longer takes weeks to render. View the 3D animation video above.

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  • 1099 Episode 3 "Third Lump" animation.

    1099 Animation Episode 3: “Third Lump”

    “We have 17,000 instagram followers, give us a free video. It’ll be great exposure for your video company.” “Third Lump” is episode 3 of my animated series, 1099. Animation is created with Anime Studio Pro and some help with Adobe After Effects. For the videographers, filmmakers, artists in general…did you […]

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  • 1099 Episode 2 "Craigslist Casper"

    1099 Animation Episode 2: “Craigslist Casper”

    Craigslist Crew Gigs: Video Marketing needed for business clients, must have HD cameras, steadicam, audio. 12 shoots plus editing with the OPPORTUNITY for MORE. Will be GREAT EXPOSURE. Don’t you hate those ads. As any video producer, or career artist, would know, the phrase “it’ll be great exposure” gets old…real […]

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  • 1099:  An Animated Series Series Title Card

    1099 Animation Episode 1: “Crappy Cards”

    Do you think business cards are “outdated” marketing? Learn the “modern way” to use them from an animated video professional 🙂 As you may have seen on the site, I’ve been working on a sitcom series entitled “1099”. Over the past few months, I’ve been making a series of animation […]

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  • Cinema 4D / Cineware shot modeling Northern Liberties.

    Animation / FX Demo Reel

    For the past few years I’ve been planning a sitcom series, “1099”. While I’d love to make it live action, I’ve decided to animate a few shorts based on the series to help pitch it. While I’m still working on episode 1, I’ve been busy taking on more animation and […]

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