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  • A symmetry HDA creation

    Houdini Symmetry HDA

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  • Unboxing and Review of the Custom Built Microsoft Kinect 2 Adapter on ebay

    Microsoft Kinect 2 Custom Adapter REVIEW – Great for Motion Capture Animation

    Microsoft’s Kinect cameras have become popular not just gaming, but for motion capture animation as well.  The Kinect 2 camera, the newer model, improved drastically on the first Kinect camera by offering a wider field of view and greater resolution and sensitivity.  It was amazing that a fairly inexpensive “toy” […]

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  • Philadelphia Eagles Parade Superbowl LII 52

    FLII – Philadelphia Eagles Super Bowl LII Parade

    A quick highlight video of the Philadelphia Eagles Super Bowl LII Victory Parade this past Thursday, February 8th, 2018. Thanks again for reading Gary Hanna Psynema: Philadelphia Video Production – Corporate, Commercial, Animation, and Screenwriting

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  • Quick render in iRay with the final textures baked in Substance Designer.  That's not hand painted hair.  It's not hand placed nor hand modeled hair card poly strips.  That's PROCEDURAL hair cards built automatically from Houdini's hair grooming system and baked in Substance Designer.

    Houdini Procedural Hair Cards for Game Meshes

    Who hates hand painting hair cards.  Never again!  I’ve made a Houdini Digital Asset (HDA) to help alleviate that and create automatically generated and textured hair cards from Houdini’s built in hair grooming system.  Yes, if you’re into real time / game meshes, you CAN use Houdini’s Hair system after […]

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  • Outlet and Wall – Substance Designer Procedural Material

    Outlet and Wall – Substance Designer Procedural Material

    Substance Designer Procedural Material, free for registered members. New material from Psynema! This one is an outlet material, which can be used as a deferred decal to EASILY place wall outlets anywhere you want and move them at will. Forget modelling and UVing multiple outlets. Forget attaching an outlet model […]

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  • Kitchen Tiles with Dirt – Substance Designer Material

    Kitchen Tiles with Dirt – Substance Designer Material

    Procedural Substance Designer Material, free download for registered members. You can download the material HERE. Make sure to watch the video, with a few video renders made in Unreal Engine. You can see the procedural abilities to add variety to the floor using Unreal Engine’s vertex painting to blend two […]

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