1099 Animation Episode 3: “Third Lump”

“We have 17,000 instagram followers, give us a free video. It’ll be great exposure for your video company.”

“Third Lump” is episode 3 of my animated series, 1099. Animation is created with Anime Studio Pro and some help with Adobe After Effects.

For the videographers, filmmakers, artists in general…did you ever get tired of being asked to work for “exposure”? We know how Wil Wheaton feels after his rant about the Huffington Post last week.

“Third Lump” was mainly inspired by the recent article from a couple wanting a free wedding, from all vendors, including the videographer, because they had 17,000 instagram followers and it would be great “exposure”. The couple took down the ad after massive backlash.

Craigslist ad looking for free wedding videographers for exposure.
Craigslist ad looking for free wedding videographers for exposure.

1099 Ep3: “Third Lump” is an “actual phone call” demonstrating proper negotiation tactics the next time someone asks you to work for “exposure” 🙂 This is especially helpful for event and wedding videographers.

The nifty ending music is made by Rick Szybowski – check him out if you need a music score at rickszybowski.com

For more info about Anime Studio Pro visit Smith Micro’s YouTube channel

Thanks again for reading Psynema.com.

Gary Hanna
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  1. Do you realize it might look to some people as episode 3 of 1099 episodes? 🙂 Maybe 1099 – episode 03? I can imagine people knocking on the door, “Dear lord come outside! It’s been fourteen years! Stop animating so much! ” “No I’m at 1081! Not long now!!!! Slide the food under the door as usual!” 😀 Groovy stuff 🙂

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