1099 Animation Episode 2: “Craigslist Casper”

Craigslist Crew Gigs: Video Marketing needed for business clients, must have HD cameras, steadicam, audio. 12 shoots plus editing with the OPPORTUNITY for MORE. Will be GREAT EXPOSURE.

Don’t you hate those ads.

As any video producer, or career artist, would know, the phrase “it’ll be great exposure” gets old…real fast. Further confounding is the fact that the whole point of an art related career is to CREATE EXPOSURE for someone else…not the other way around as a form of “payment”.

For anyone tired of being offered “EXPOSURE”, here’s an angry rant video you can use to reply to those pesky Craigslist ads. For the record I’m fine with charity and narrative ads, just not the ones from “businesses” looking for free labor, paying with “exposure”.

AND YES THIS IS REAL – I will BE REPLYING TO CRAIGSLIST ADS and SENDING THEM THIS VIDEO saying it’s a link to my reel…flame wars may ensue. It’s all in jest ๐Ÿ˜› It is a parody of a TV show after all. Free exposure for finding the TV show I referenced in the animation ๐Ÿ™‚

It would also be fun if anyone who likes this video ALSO PLEASE – send this as a reply to CRAIGSLIST ADS looking for a free videographer. It’ll be fun to mess with their heads…again…all in jest.


PS – I’m not anywhere as extreme as Harlan Ellison is. It’s not like he’s being asked to do ADDITIONAL work for the DVD cover, jeez, but I still like angry rants…they make me happy.

“Craigslist Casper” is episode 2 of my animated series, 1099. It is made with Anime Studio Pro by Smith Micro.

The main theme is by Free Stock Music and that nifty ending music is made by Rick Szybowski.

For more info about Anime Studio Pro visit Smith Micro’s YouTube channel.

Thanks again for reading Psynema.com.

Gary Hanna
Psynema: Philadelphia Video Production – Corporate, Commercial, Animation, and Screenwriting  


  1. Special thanks to Rick Szybowski

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